Graphics Wiz

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Submit an artifact or link and a reflection explaining how you met this criteria:

Essential level:

  • a. Perform simple manipulations on an existing image (download, upload, resize, crop, change format from one kind to another).
  • b. Understand the different types of images (.gif, .jpg, .bitmap) and their characteristics and be able to choose among them appropriately.
  • c. Insert an image into text, presentation, and / or website.

Advanced level:

  • a. Add special effects to an image (color, lighting, reverse image, etc.).
  • b. Create a new image and perform advanced manipulations of the image.
  • c. Perform simple manipulations on an existing digital video clip (download, upload, cut/paste/delete, add titles, transitions, etc.).
  • d. Use geographical information systems to handle and present geographical data.